6 Years Old

Olde English Bulldog /
 Bull mastiff  Mix 

80 Lbs 

Lola comes to Jurassik Bark sadly after her families situation changed and they could no longer keep her with them. Lola was adopted when she was quite young and has been with her family ever since. They absolutely adore her and are heartbroken to be faced with this situation but are doing all they can to help Lola find her perfect new home. 

Here is what Lola's family has to say about her 

Lola is very sassy, fun loving dog with tons of personality. She is very food motivated and loves to play. 

She loves people and other dogs. She rarely barks and is very easy going.  

Lola is not a fan of getting in the bath but once she is in she will warm up to it, However is she is to hot she is more than willing to go tummy deep in a lake or pond. 

Lola can pull on leash a little bit at first with excitement but she will relax. 

Lola is fine home alone for full days and does not whine or become destructive. 

She can be a bit jumpy when she gets excited but she has gotten much better with this. She loves car rides and going to the park. She loves kisses and belly rubs. 


Family Friendly:  YES 

Lola loves people and is considered a family friendly pup. However, due to her size and because she can be jumpy when she gets excited Lola is better suited with older children who will not easily be knocked over by her. 

Dog Friendly :  YES 

Lola comes from a home with another dog and very much enjoys the company of other dogs. She would do well in a home with a  well matched pup companion.

Cat Friendly :  UNKNOWN 

Lola has not been around cats so we are unsure if she would be compatible in a home with them.


Lola does not have any known medical diagnosis or concerns at this time. 
Upon her intake she will be vetted for the following:

  • New Intake Health Exam 
  • Vaccine update as needed 
  • Confirmation of Spay 
  • Microchip  
  • Parasite Treatment 



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