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Jurassik Bark RESCUE

Founded in August 2020. Jurassik Bark Senior & Special Needs Dog Rescue Society, Is a Registered Non-Profit Organization based in Vernon BC. We are a No-kill, Foster based Dog Rescue Society whose primary focus is on providing the best quality of life for the most deserving dogs, rather than worrying about the amount of time they will have with us. We open our doors to the underdogs, the dogs that generally get overlooked due to age, health conditions or physical disabilities and whose fate would otherwise quite often end in unnecessary euthanasia.

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Fostering Saves Lives

Jurassik Bark Rescue is a foster based organization, meaning we do not operate out of a facility. This makes our foster homes one of the most critical parts of our organization.
Without our incredible foster community none of what we do would be possible.
Foster homes provide sanctuary to our dogs upon intake and are the safe space in between the chapters of now and happily ever after for these displaced dogs.
To learn more about Jurassik Bark's Foster Program and how you can become a critical part of our organization check out our "Foster" page.

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Financial Transparency
Financial Transparency

Jurassik Bark is committed to full transparency & integrity, we will always support and communicate with our volunteers, Fosters, Adopters and Donors about our ongoing missions and the dogs in our program.

 Jurassik Bark is currently set up as a Non-Profit Organization, working towards obtaining our Charitable Organization Designation. Our goal is to be a registered Charitable Organization by the end of 2021.

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Responsible Rescue
Responsible Rescue

Quite often you hear people talk about choosing a responsible breeder when selecting an animal if you choose not to adopt, but what about choosing a responsible rescue for when you do!?  It may come as a shock to many that rescues in BC are not regulated. Rescues write up their own rules, policies, and procedures on how they wish to operate. Which is why we always recommend researching rescue organizations before adopting. Jurassik Bark has put several procedures in place to help ensure we do everything we can to place our animals appropriately and support our adoptive families to set them up for success.

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