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About Us

Founded in August 2020. Jurassik Bark Senior & Special Needs Dog Rescue Society, Is a Registered Non-Profit Organization based in Vernon BC. We are a foster based Dog Rescue Society whose primary focus is on providing the best quality of life for the most deserving dogs, rather than worrying about the amount of time they will have with us. We open our doors to the underdogs, the dogs that generally get overlooked due to age, health conditions or physical disabilities and whose fate would otherwise quite often end in unnecessary euthanasia.


Jurassik Bark Senior & Special Needs Dog Rescue aims to build a community of volunteers to help responsibly rescue, rehabilitate & rehome the amazing animals that come into our program. A community driven by compassion & kindness, that values the uniqueness that each dog offers, regardless of their age or abilities. We aim to bring awareness to the incredible value that these amazing elderly, palliative and special needs dogs can bring to our own lives.

Registered Non- Profit # S0074392