ROO - Adoption Pending

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ROO - Adoption Pending



Roo came to Jurassik Bark from one of our amazing partnering rescues in India. Roo was rescued from the streets after he was found ran over. Luckily the vet was able to save his life but the damage to Roo's front legs was irreparable and the only option was complete amputation. 

After Roo underwent his initial surgery he was placed into a foster home so he could be quarantined from other animals while he recovered and was preparing for his journey to Canada. 

Roo joined the Jurassik Bark family in early May. 

Pupdate: July 20 2022

Poor little Roo just cant catch a break. Just as he was finally starting to thrive, feeling more confident and finally able to get around with ease on just his back legs Roo faced another complication. 

Unfortunately during his initial emergency amputation a portion of his leg bone was left attached at the shoulder. This remaining bone has now punctured through the previous incision and has caused an infection. The skin can no longer be pulled taught to heal properly so the remaining bone needed to be removed. 

Roo has now underwent this secondary emergency surgery and has had corrections made on both shoulders so that he can finally make a full recovery without further complications down the road. 

Roo is in need of sponsors to help with his ongoing medical care, recovery and custom front wheel cart. 

Help us give Roo the best life possible ! 



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