Responsible Rescue

Quite often you hear people talk about choosing a responsible breeder when selecting an animal if you choose not to adopt, but what about choosing a responsible rescue for when you do!?  It may come as a shock to many that rescues in BC are not regulated. Rescues write up their own rules, policies, and procedures on how they wish to operate. Which is why we always recommend researching rescue organizations before adopting. Jurassik Bark has put several procedures in place to help ensure we do everything we can to place our animals appropriately and support our adoptive families to set them up for success.

At Jurassik Bark our goal as a rescue organization goes beyond just adopting out as many dogs as possible, while of course the idea of saving all the dogs is wonderful, it is not that simple. Being a responsible rescue is our priority. We always aim to do whatever we can to set both our Dogs and Adopting Families up for success. These are a few of the ways we do that.

Minimum Intake Periods – All dogs that come into our program remain in a “Foster Hold” for an intake period of no less than 2 weeks, for many dogs this period will be longer. This intake period is critical to setting our dogs up for success, this allows them time to begin to decompress. This decompression period is when the dog is adjusting to their new surroundings. New people, sounds, smells, animals it can all be overwhelming, change is rarely ever easy and not giving a dog time to properly adjust is a sure-fire way to set them up for failure. This intake period is also equally as important to us, this is when we start to know the dogs to build a more accurate profile to depict the “Must Haves & Must Not Haves” for their ideal home. As the dogs decompress and come out of their shells we will see more of their personalities, we expose them to different situations and environments and learn how they react, and we can identify any concerning behaviors and plan for the dog before making them available for adoption. This period is also used for vetting- Each dog that comes through our program will be thoroughly vetted and any known medical conditions will be in a manageable state before they are available.

Training – Dogs that come into our program with more severe behavioral concerns will be set up with a foster home who will be willing to work with the dog alongside a professional trainer if needed. At Jurassik Bark we believe in positive reinforcement training and therefor only partner with trainers who use positive training methods. Dogs set up with trainers will remain in our program as a foster for an extended period.

Mandatory Vetting – Every dog that comes into our program will be thoroughly vetted before being made available for adoption. Dogs will not be available until all known medical conditions are either resolved or in a manageable state. Vetting includes the following listing at minimum unless they are medically unable. Some dogs will require much more advanced vet care before being made available for adoption.

Blood Panel for senior dog

Spay/ Neuter



Microchip or tattoo

4DX Snap Test for all international intakes to test for Vector Borne Illness 

No Advanced Applications – Many of our dogs have very specific needs (no stairs, no children, dog aggressive, etc.) so because of this we do not accept general applications for animals, nor do we have wait lists. Each dog will have a profile that lists the animals “Must Haves & Must Not Haves “for their potential homes, applications are only accepted once we have a complete profile and will only be considered if they meet the criteria listed for that specific animal.

In Person Meetings – We do not transport our animals for meet and greet or adoptions, all potential adopters will be required to meet our dogs in person with any other Dogs and members of the immediate household. Approved adopting Families will be required to pick up any animals in person.

Foster home adoption priority – Quite often our foster homes will fall in love with their foster dogs (Foster Fail) and wish to keep them, if that home meets all the dogs’ adoption criteria, they will always have the first chance to adopt their foster animal, why ruin a good thing, right?! While this may be disheartening for others interested in the animal, this is usually the best-case scenario for the dog as they will have settled into this home and are usually pretty attached to their amazing foster families. The Dogs best interest are always our number one priority!

Limited Ownership Agreement – This sounds bad, but we promise it is not. This is our way of protecting our animals for the reminder of their lives, this simply means that should you adopt one of our dogs and for any reason at any point in time you can no longer care for them, they are required to be returned to our program, our adopters are not permitted to rehome elsewhere.

Forever Foster Program – Because we are a no-kill rescue we believe that all dogs with a good quality of life deserve a loving home, regardless of age or medical conditions. Therefore, we have developed our forever foster program. This program is reserved for dogs who may be deemed less adoptable because of their age or medical conditions and dogs requiring palliative care. This program allows us to make sure these dogs get to live out the remainder of their lives full of the love and care they so deserve. Dogs in this program remain the responsibility of the Rescue but are placed into one of our approved Long term foster homes so we can ensure they are always properly cared for.