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Jurassik Bark Rescue is an entirely foster based organization, meaning we do not have a facility to house dogs and thus making our fosters a key component to our programs. Foster homes provide a safe space for dogs to decompress, thrive and recover in a safe, loving home environment while they patiently await their forever families

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As a foster you will provide life saving housing for a displaced dog in need. Foster homes provide a safe caring home for dogs within the Jurassik Bark program while they await permanent placement. The specific role of the foster provider will vary  depending on the individual needs of each dog but as a general overview, a foster with Jurassik Bark will Provide the foster dogs daily care, provide medications or special care as needed, transport the foster dog to and from appointments, pick up supplies, speak with potential adopters about the foster dog, participate in meet and greets with potential adoptive families and provide feedback, information and updates on the foster dog.

Jurassik Bark Foster homes are provided on a volunteer basis; fosters can refuse to work with any dog for any reason at ant time.

Jurassik Bark will always provide as much information regarding dog’s behaviors and needs as we possibly can. Keeping in mind that we may not be aware of all medical or behavioral issues that a dog has when coming into rescue. Some dogs may come with no information and others will come with misinformation and our assessments only give us a mere glimpse at a dog’s behavior and temperament.

Jurassik Bark will not knowingly intake any dogs that display aggression towards humans or have a known history of such behaviors.
While most of the animals that come in are good natured and very few issues tend to arise, we feel it necessary to point out that personality conflicts and reactions to different surroundings and situations are not always predictable with live animals, and fostering is done at the risk of the foster home.

This also means the foster provider also assumes the risk of accidents occurring within their home. Accidents can and do tend to happen as dogs are adjusting to a new environment and routine. Accidents may be as minor as poops on the floor, or it could be destruction of your home…this has never happened but it important to know that it could!

Since most of our dogs are seniors, these tend to be just poops on the floor type incidents. But, If destruction was to happen, we are sorry to say we will not be refurnishing your home or replacing your door frames. What we will do is set
you up with the tools needed to minimize these risks. Such as crates, baby gates etc.

If a foster home wishes to stop working with an animal for what ever reason, we will place the dog in a new foster home at the urgency expressed by the foster home.

Jurassik Bark is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Fostering is a volunteer position and therefor there is no financial compensation provided for doing this. Jurassik Bark does cover the expenses associated with the care of the dog.

The length of time a dog is in foster care will depend on the program the dog is in and their individual needs.
All Jurassik bark intakes will complete an intake period of no less than 2 weeks so we can get to know the dog a bit better and get them vetted. So unless you have signed up for temporary emergency fostering you should anticipate having your foster dog for no less than two weeks. Once dogs have completed their intake period they may be adopted within a matter of days to months.
Make sure you communicate your foster availability with your coordinator so that they can place dogs that will best align with that availability.

Jurassik Bark covers the expenses of the dogs in foster care. This includes Vetting, Food, Basic Supplies and any speciality supplies needed for the dog.

Yes ! Pending the dog you are interested in fostering is compatible with the animals in the household.

Jurassik Bark does require that all the animals in the household are up to date on vaccinations.

Yes !
As you get to know your foster dog you may find they would make a perfect permanent addition to your family. Every dog that comes into our program will be posted as available once they complete their at minimum 2 week intake period, but as the foster family we will always allow you the chance to adopt your foster dog first. As the foster you will still be required to complete the foster application forms and pay any applicable adoption fees for your foster dog at the time of adoption.

Jurassik Bark assumes all responsibility for the cost of approved veterinary care for our Dogs while in a foster placement. Jurassik Bark has been able to build relationships with several incredible veterinary clinics. These clinics are considered our partnering clinics and are familiar with our policies and processes and allow us to be able to work with our foster homes to ensure that our dogs get the care they need.  

All vetting is coordinated by A Jurassik Bark Foster Coordinator.

We understand that not all foster homes are able to accommodate every breed, type, personality, or special need. We ask that when
you complete your foster application and initial phone call with your coordinator  you provide us with as much detail as
possible regarding what types of dogs you are able to accommodate, including sizes, personalities, behavioral issues, special needs , length of foster availability etc., This will allow us to place each foster dog in the most appropriate foster home available.

We do not place our dogs in foster homes on a first come first served basis, we will always put the needs of our Dogs first with the goal to
have them in the most compatible home.

While in foster care, unless previously authorized by your coordinator for each individual dog, we ask that you do not take your foster dog to dog parks. This is for everyone’s well being while we get to know the dogs better. Many dogs may be okay with other dogs in a controlled environment however when introduced to multiple dogs in an uncontrolled environment such as what is presented at the dog park this can be a recipe for disaster and we never want to see anyone, or any animal injured.

Off lead, in non-secured areas is also not permitted for the dog’s safety. Some dogs may not have good recall, may bolt when fearful or maybe just are runners. So we ask that you keep your foster dog on lead when not in secured areas.

YES ! We encourage you to take your dog on regular outings and adventures and integrate them into your lives as much as possible and while you are at it feel free to promote your foster dog to help them find that perfect for ever home! Jurassik bark has no policy’s against sharing your foster dog on social media platforms or discussing them with interested individuals however we do require that all interested families must be directed to the Jurassik Bark team directly for adoption consideration.