An adorable and lovable senior on the hunt for her perfect retirement home. 

Mitzy is available for adoption or placement in our Forever Foster Program.

Introducing Mitzy 

Mitzy is an absolutely wonderful older lady who finds herself in need of a perfect retirement home after her owner moved out of the country and was unable to take her along. 

Mitzy has been in the care of her wonderful foster for the past few weeks and we've gotten to learn allot about her in that time. She is overall a pretty easy going girl. She loves her walks and naps and  seems to enjoy some time in the snow. She has recently come to find her voice and will occasionally take to the yard to bark nothing. She is still very playful in her advanced age, she enjoys other dogs but can be a bit pushy. 

Due to Mitsys advanced age she is eligible for placement through our Forever Foster Program. You can learn more about this program below.

Age: 16 Years 

Breed: Terrier Mix

Sex: Female - Spayed 

Energy Level: Low-Med

Size: Medium - 45 lbs

Medical Info

Mitsy was into the vet for her new intake health check in early December, including a senior blood panel and we are happy to report there were no substantial medical concerns found. Mitsy is showing signs of her advanced age but overall is in good health.

Arthritis - Mitsy has arthritis in her hind end which causes her t be a bit slower at times. She is on medications to reduce inflammation and keep her comfortable.

Allergies - Mitsy has some food sensitivities and requires a a limited ingredient diet. 


Our compatibility profiles are based off of interactions while in the Jurassik Bark program. While we do our best to have our dogs interact with a variety of people and animals its important to keep in mind that Dogs can and often do act differently in different situations, around different people and animals. 


Jurassik Barks Forever Foster program is reserved for dogs who are less likely to be adopted due to advanced age or medical conditions. Dogs just like the wonderful Mitzy. So that they too can find a safe and loving placement for the remainder of their time with us. 

Dogs in the Forever Foster program are placed into Foster homes with the intention of that placement being for the remainder of their lives. Jurassik Bark remains the legal owner of all dogs in within this program and therefor we maintain responsibility for the cost associated with their basic care. Making forever fosters a great program for those who would love to have an older companion but are concerned about the costs that can be associated with the care of these wonderful dogs. 

Jurassik Bark covers the cost of all essential care vetting and supplies for dogs within our program. 

Vetting- Veterinary care is provided at the discretion of Jurassik Bark at our partnering veterinary clinic. 

Supplies- Supplies are provided as needed by Jurassik Bark. 

Forever Fosters are required to live within the Vernon or surrounding areas and be willing to travel as needed to Vernon for veterinary appointments and to pick up supplies. 



Jurassik Bark is a volunteer run, non profit rescue. We rely on our generous donors to keep our programs open for dogs like Mitzy who need us most. 

Mitzy is looking for sponsors to help provide her ongoing care. If you would like to sponsor Mitzy you can do so through her link below or via Etransfer to

Sponsor Mitzy

Donate to Vet care Direct

You can donate direct to Mitzy's care through through our Vet clinic Direct. Mitzy's primary care clinic is:

Crescent Falls Veterinary Hospital 
2800 45th Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 3N4
(250) 545-8200

About Us

Jurassik Bark Rescue is a CRA Registered Non-Profit Organization. We are a foster based rescue whose focus is primarily on providing life saving support to displaced senior and special needs dogs. We are run entirely by a small team of dedicated volunteers and funded by donors.  

Your support allows us to keep our programs open to more dogs in need.

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