by Jurassik Bark



Breed Unknown Small 
Age 7 years 
Size 18 Lbs
Sex Male - Neutered 

Special Needs

Hyperthyroidism  - Managed with daily medication



CHILDREN : NO  (Not at this time) 

At this time we are looking to place Dori in a home with no children. He can be wary of strangers and reactive if not given the space to introduce himself as he feels comfortable.  

We will update this information as Dori gets to decompress and we get to know him better. 


Dori seems to be selective of his dog friends. He is wary of new dogs and can be reactive at times.
He does have dog friends so he could do well in a home with a well matched dog companion. 

We will continue to update this as we get to know Dori better. 


Dori has not spent any time with cats so we are unsure at this time if he would be compatible in a home with cats. 


Dori comes to Jurassik Bark as a rescue transfer. He has been in the care of a partnering rescue for several months while in recovery. When Dori first entered the shelter he was suffering from untreated hyperthyroidism, this condition had left him with mobility issues from muscle loss, loss of fur and overall weakness. Dori began rabidly improving after being placed on medications and starting therapy. He initially required the use of a wheelchair to get around but now has regained enough muscle that this is no longer needed. 

He is nervous of new people and dogs and needs a home that will be patient with him while he settles in. Once he gets to know you he is very affectionate and playful. Dori loves his toys. 

Dori can be reactive to other dogs on leash, not all, he tends to be selective. Once he has met the other dogs he tends to do quite well. 

Dori is housetrained - He will pee on a pee pad and knows to poop outside, he may need training to have him quit using pee pads. He has not been destructive in the house but he is also not left alone for extended periods. He can be vocal when he hears noises outside so he may not be suitable for a suite or condo if he was to be left alone allot. 

Dori loves his car rides and does great in the car. 

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